Suntory Whisky Hibiki: A Taste of Japan

Suntory Whisky Hibiki, is primarily a product of Yamazaki, one of the oldest brewing and distilling company, has notably been the Japan’s highly awarded blended whisky. There are three different sets of Hibiki: Hibiki 17, 21 year old and Japanese Harmony all have a roaring 43% alcohol content.

First one is made with single malts from Yamazaki and Hakushu and delicately cask with Chita distillery’s grain whisky. It is citrus smelling with a fruity flavor. On the other hand, the most expensive among the bunch, Hibiki 21 year old has a bittersweet taste with a strong and rich aroma. While Hibiki Japanese Harmony having a breath of rosemary and rose is considerably the most subtle aftertaste among the three.

Every refined distinction of these three basically speaks much of the Japanese drinking culture—in full gallop fun but always sophistically coordinated!

Drinking is Customary

Drinking is an essential part of Japanese custom. It is a common activity which connotes to strengthening social and business relations. Japan is known for its hard working and disciplined people, such cultural practice is the citizens’ manner of discharge (and relief) from a day’s tough work load. There are way too many bar-restaurants called Izakyas both high and low-end all over the country serving different types of alcoholic drinks. Beers, sake and some 30 year old single malt!

Lowdown on Japanese Whisky

Whisky may not have originated in Japan but the kind of fusion has gotten popular in the recent years. Advocates have pointed out how Japanese whisky makers are keen in product development that is primarily the reason behind distinctiveness in comparison with whiskies from other countries. Not to mention the country’s climate positively affecting whisky aging and distillation.

It does not come surprising why partnerships and negotiations on whisky distribution have reached worldwide. In fact, distributors and bar owners all over the world have been suggesting the following single malt whisky best selections: Suntory Hibiki, Hakushu, Yamazaki, Nikka Yoichi single malt Miyugikyo, as well as single grain Chita Whisky and Tacketsuru pure malt. The market for Japanese whisky is still flourishing to date. That is why distillery groups are trying their best to cater far flung countries that have great inclinations on whisky by way of online marketing and selling. has all favored choices available for your consumption! Do visit the site for complete product descriptions and pricing.