Whisky Philippines Turning Japanese

Connoisseurs in whisky Philippines are recently seen favoring Japanese whisky. Whisky has always been around but the more popular ones had been scotch and bourbon. And whisky was always associated with older men: dads, grandpas, uncles and bosses. These days, however, as the trend with whisky in the Philippines is rising, the younger generations are also having a glass and are liking what they taste.

Popularity of Japanese Whisky

Japanese whisky was originally made for local consumption. However, after winning against scotch whisky in blind tasting challenges, the international crowd wanted to have a taste as well. On top of that, Jim Murray’s World Whisky Bible crowned the Yamazaki Single Malt Sherry Cask 2013 as the number 1 whisky in the world. And, there goes Japanese single malt whisky all the way to the top.

Characteristics of Japanese Whisky

Just like any other whisky, Japanese whisky has health benefits when taken in moderation. It can aid in weight loss, boost the immune system and produce good cholesterol. Japanese whisky’s distinction from its European and American counterparts come from the different distillers in Japan. And Filipinos are very much excited to try out these products.

  • Hibiki whisky is from the Suntory distillery. Hibiki means resonance. It has a fruity odor and is very smooth to the throat. The nicely intense spice finish is quite notable. No wonder this whisky received remarkable reviews.
  • Yamazaki whisky from the Yamazaki distillery of Suntory has a mix of fruity, nutty and floral aroma. It is smooth with sweetness and spiciness and has a citrusy, fruity finish. Yamazaki whisky Philippines is ready for one on the rocks.
  • Nikka Japanese whisky has risen to become the second largest distillery in Japan. The wonderful smell of fresh fruit and flowers are distinctive with the Nikka whisky. It has a lot of spice, a little caramel and a good amount of fruit. This whisky is highly recommended and the satisfaction rate is quite high.

Availability in the Philippines

As a neighbor of the globally renowned Japanese whisky, the Philippines is clamoring to savor this luxurious drink. Luckily for Filipinos, Japanese whisky Philippines is already available in the market. It can even be bought in online stores. Check out boteru.com for a list of Japanese whiskies offered. Only make a purchase from trusted providers and get your product delivered to your doorstep in perfect condition.