Nikka and Hibiki Whisky, A Gift Well Thought Of

The best Japanese whiskies, such as Nikka and Hibiki whisky, has been a staple item in gift-giving in the Philippines when it comes to formal, posh occasions. Its lack of availability in the said country, however, makes it nearly impossible to get a hold of the outstanding alcohol and endow it on others as a sign of friendliness, warmth and gratitude. Filipinos then turn to alternatives like wine and other lesser variety of whisky. This won’t do for some, since these presents are usually given to valued persons like their fathers, grandfathers, and bosses.

Whisky in the Philippines

Filipinos are known to hold their alcohol well. Alcoholic drinks are always served during parties and other occasions. That’s why giving alcohol as gifts are very much appreciated.

A variety of alcoholic drinks are easily obtainable in the Philippines, if you are 18 years old and above, that is.  Nevertheless, the best whisky is hard to find. There are online sites offering delivery directly to the buyer but customers doubt the package would arrive in perfect condition. There are others who complained of having received a cheap imitation and others got a broken bottle. That would be disastrous if the damaged whisky is sent as a gift.

When news of Japanese whisky beating their Scottish counterpart broke out, whisky lovers in the Philippines rejoiced. Japan is a neighboring country, after all. The best whiskies from the best distilleries, Yamazaki and Yoichi, is suddenly within reach.

Japanese Whisky

Japanese whisky has been in the limelight for a while now. After winning in prestigious whisky competitions, people are craving this luxurious liquor.

What makes Japanese whisky Philippines stand out?

Nikka whisky Philippines offers a balance of floral, fruity and peaty aromas. The complex blend of sweet, citrusy, salty and spice is a distinct feature. The sweetness of fruit and mint leaves traces in your mouth with its finish.

Hibiki whisky Philippines is from the famous Suntory distillery. It is distinctly sweet and fruity and slightly oily in nature. The intense spice finish is highly notable.

Yamazaki whisky Philippines is floral, fruity and nutty overall. With its smooth flow, the sweetness and spice goes well with its fruity finish.

Where to get Japanese whisky

These exceptional whiskies are now available for Filipino whisky enthusiasts. Boteru in the Philippines offers a wide range of Japanese whisky. Customer service is outstanding and delivery is exceptional. Don’t settle for less because the best is now at hand.