Japanese Whiskey: Outranking Other Brands Worldwide


Japan is widely known for being one of the best places to drink at and what better way to experience drinking on a whole new level than having a Japanese Whiskey on hand! The kind of liquor itself may not have originated from the country but the groundbreaking popularity of locally distilled ones have made alcohol enthusiasts all willing to discover what separates whiskies in Japan from others.

Historical Notes of Whiskey in Japan

Historically speaking, whiskey was first introduced mid 1880s, in Scotland. But little did the public know that it has a long history in Japan. It was during the year 1899 when Shinjiro Torii, founder of Suntory, the country’s first whiskey distiller thought of cultivating liquor as inspired by the classic Scottish whiskey. He conceptualized a Japanese approach that would entail creating subtly mild yet byzantine taste made entirely by locals in the country’s distinctive climate.

Mr. Torrii chose Yamazaki, Kyoto as the hometown of Japanese whiskey; thus named Yamazaki Distillery which began its construction in the year 1923. YD was the maker of Japan’s first single malt whiskey. If there is something most valuable that the creator learned after all creations and mishaps, is to put into great consideration the satisfaction of Japanese’ delicate taste in making a winning whiskey.

The Yamazaki single malt whisky for example has long been available ever since made in 1984. Its popularity is quite amazing that it, including other renowned ones made by Yamazaki Distillery has continuously dominated global markets of today.

Dominating Global Markets

People have a common belief that Japanese whiskies are exceedingly superior among others. It is often times compared having similar taste to Scotch but preference over it is of no competition. Its content has the right kick for every drinker without sacrificing how mild and smooth the taste is; perfect for those inclined with Japanese palates.

Though primarily dominating the global market of whiskies, its availability is limited. People could only purchase it on a country visit or if relatives bring one home from brick and mortar stores in Japan.

Fortunately, company Boteru, online Japanese whiskey retailer makes the famous Suntory whisky accessible worldwide. It even reaches as far as the Philippines wherein people are known to be heavy liquor fanatics; trip over their website to see more of Japan’s famous traditional whisky entries!