Best Japanese Whiskey Brands of 2017

In the year 2012, Japanese whiskey stole the crown from its Scottish counterpart in the Single Malt category during a competition hosted by the Whisky Bible in London. Since then, the world has look up to Japan as a fierce competitor and front runner in the world of whiskey. In this relation, let us discover some of the best Japanese whiskey brands of 2017.

Best Whiskey Brands in Japan

1. Suntory. Suntory, formerly known as Kotobukiya, is the forerunner of Japanese whiskey. This company was owned by Shinjiro Torii who sent Masataka Taketsuru, his protégée, to Scotland in order to learn the process of creating the said drink. The Hakushu Japanese whisky is one of the distilleries owned by the said company.

Taketsuru later on returned to Japan with his newfound knowledge and helped established Japanese whiskey for the said company. Together, Suntory became the earliest distillery to offer Japanese whiskey to the people of the said country.

2. Nikka. Masataka Taketsuru later on left Suntory to establish his own company, which is now known as the Nikka Distillery. Using his knowledge on organic chemistry, Taketsuru established his own business which later on resulted to the birth of the Yoichi and Hokkaido, being two of the most popular facilities owned by the said company.

3. Chichibu. This distillery was founded by Ichiro Akuto, who is a grandson of the owner of then Hanyu distillery which has already closed years ago. Chichibu opened in the year 2008, after the owner, Ichiro Akuto, stopped working for the Suntory company. The distillery is located in Chichibu, a village found in the Saitama Prefecture, known to be a place of beauty and cleanliness.

With all its recognition and fame, Japanese whiskey continue to impress people all over the world. With more than 3 decades of gap from its ancestor, the Scottish whiskey, Japanese whiskey still manage to beat the former in terms of taste and aroma.
Being a winner of the Whisky of the Year award, Suntory’s Single Malt Yamazaki bottle bagged the price and placed Japan on the map of the world’s best whiskies.
Nowadays, it is normal to see Yamazaki Philippines whiskies and other brands slowly conquering the market of nearby Asian countries. It is now common to hear people extending their praises and satisfaction when it comes to getting a taste of the world-renowned Japanese whiskey.
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