Health and Beauty Benefits of a Good Japanese Whiskey

Try a good Japanese whiskey and you’ll get to like drinking it. Known as one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in the world, whiskey when taken moderately brings medical benefits to our health. In Gaelic, Whiskey means “water of life”. It is an alcoholic drink with many uses. Aside from being a drink, whiskey has health benefits and is good for the skin.

Whiskey or Whisky?

Japanese whisk(e)y followed the spelling of Scottish whisky without “e” since based on history,Scottish whisky has influenced on Japanese whisky’s taste. Famous distilleries in Japan (Yamazaki, Hakushu, Yoichi, Miyagikyo) are owned by the two leading companies known as Suntory and Nikka. Have a taste of Suntory Whisky Hibiki, a blend of Japanese malt and grain whiskies, described in its bottle as a meticulous blend of select finest whiskies.

Whiskey and its Health Benefits

Whiskey reduces risk of stroke, cancer, and diabetes, boosts memory and immune system. It contains an ellagic acid, an antioxidant that breaks down harmful free radicals in your body, helps improve brain’s health, blood circulation is improved,contributes to memory functionality, and stimulates immune system. Whiskey also prevents cholesterol build up and helps remove excess cholesterol from the body. It aids digestion when consumed after meal. A lightly peated Nikka Yoichi Single Malt can be enjoyed before or after meal with its fruity and peaty aroma and amazing taste. Whiskey reduces appetite and prevent overeating.

Whiskey is Good for the Skin

If whiskey is not allowed in the house, it can be used externally and achieve smooth and youthful skin. Adding small quantity of whiskey to your beauty products can make amazing effects to your skin. A friendly reminder, before applying whiskey as beauty regimen, test on other parts of the body first.

Whiskey can be used in a form of masks or packs and you can enjoy its beauty benefits. It can be applied as a moisturizer and tones the skin as an astringent. It is quite expensive to have whiskey facial from beauty parlors so you can try combining whiskey with honey, egg, water, lemon or milk.

Whiskey and honey moisturize and tighten skin to make it firm and prevent aging. When combined with egg, whiskey treats acne, prevent fine lines, reduce open pores and removes blackheads. Whiskey and water give glow and smoothen skin to give fresh looking skin. Whiskey and lemon when combined together reduce dark and dull skin. Lemon has a property to treat acne and lighten skin.When whiskey is mixed with milk it rejuvenates skin and makes it soft and clear.

With its many uses, whisk(e)y can be used as a beverage or as beauty product. Ever wonder where to buy Hibiki whisky or Nikka whisky? Japanese whiskies are usually out of stock due to its popular demand. Online shops  like Boteru offers detailed description of the product and has always available stocks of the different tastes and kinds of Japanese whisky.