Different Ways for You to Enjoy Your Hakushu Japanese Whisky

Are you a fan of Japanese whiskey? If yes, then you need to celebrate. The past few years has been a crowning glory for Japan especially after they won the “World’s Best Whiskey” title during the year 2012. And while you might think single malt whiskies are just the ultimate best sellers, then you might also need to try out the Hakushu Japanese whisky if you want something deep yet flowery.

What Makes Japanese Whiskies Different

There are different best Japanese whiskey brands circulating nowadays but it all boils down to the point that Japanese whiskies have the finest components. Thanks to their clean environment and excellent distillery atmosphere which has affected the creation of the country’s whiskies.

Hakushu Whiskey

There are different ways for you to enjoy your Hakushu Japanese whiskey bottle. Here are just some of the best ideas you can try out at home or at the bar.

  • This is done by drinking the whiskey and savoring its aroma sip by sip. If you want to enjoy its strong flavor, then this is the option to choose. You can mellow down the flavor by having a glass of mineral water nearby or maybe some chips, fruits and nuts to complement the entire drink.
  • The Ice Ball. The ice ball is currently becoming more and more popular. This involves drinking the whiskey along with a carved ball made of ice. The whiskey is then poured on top of it to help soften its flavor. If you want to skip your Hakushu bottle, you can try out some blended whiskies for this kind of drinking option.
  • Soda Water mixture. As the name suggests, you might need to add some soda water on your whiskey for a kick that will surely awaken your senses. You can also try out the Nikka Whisky Single Malt Yoichi bottle for this one.

Some Additions

You can try eating some nuts, fruits or cheese to complement your whiskey drink if you think you need something to mellow the taste. In some cases, you can always keep a mineral water in hand to soothe the kick that comes after drinking your favorite Japanese whisky drink.

Nowadays, Suntory Distillery and other Japanese whiskey companies are creating a global scene when it comes to bringing fame and recognition to their homeland. Well, it’s never too late to try out your favorite Japanese whiskey drink now!

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