Why Would You Love Hibiki Whisky and All Other Japanese Whiskies from the Famous Houses of Suntory and Nikka

Japanese Whisky in all variants coming from the different distilleries under the two famous brands of Suntory and Nikka like the Hibiki Whisky can be your all time favorite because of its sophisticated taste you can enjoy while socializing with colleagues or bonding with friends. Based on history, whisky production in Japan started with the […]

Different Ways for You to Enjoy Your Hakushu Japanese Whisky

Are you a fan of Japanese whiskey? If yes, then you need to celebrate. The past few years has been a crowning glory for Japan especially after they won the “World’s Best Whiskey” title during the year 2012. And while you might think single malt whiskies are just the ultimate best sellers, then you might […]

Reasons Why You Will Love Japanese Whisky Philippines

Whisky lovers are going to love Japanese whisky Philippines with its luxurious high premium product that has won awards as world whisky winner. It is a drink with less hang over effect and can even make you enjoy more without getting fat in your body because whisky is a low carb drink. Whisky description is […]

Health and Beauty Benefits of a Good Japanese Whiskey

Try a good Japanese whiskey and you’ll get to like drinking it. Known as one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in the world, whiskey when taken moderately brings medical benefits to our health. In Gaelic, Whiskey means “water of life”. It is an alcoholic drink with many uses. Aside from being a drink, whiskey […]

Best Japanese Whiskey Brands of 2017

In the year 2012, Japanese whiskey stole the crown from its Scottish counterpart in the Single Malt category during a competition hosted by the Whisky Bible in London. Since then, the world has look up to Japan as a fierce competitor and front runner in the world of whiskey. In this relation, let us discover […]

A Great Selection of the Japanese Whisky from the World Renowned Nikka and Suntory Distillery Now Available Online

Japanese whisky has been the craze in the global scene after whiskies from the famous Nikka and Suntory distillery bagged awards in international whisky competitions. Because of the rave with these products, whisky enthusiasts from all over the world have been dying to get a hold of the bottles from the well known distilleries in […]

Why You Should Buy Yamazaki Whisky and Other Japanese Whisky?

For party people who want to try Japan’s first whisky, buy Yamazaki Whisky. It is modeled after the Scottish single malt distilling practice. Drinking has been a pastime for colleagues, friends, and business partners. It is a way of socializing to meet new friends or business partners, to kill time, or bond with your family. […]

Japanese Whiskey: Outranking Other Brands Worldwide


Japan is widely known for being one of the best places to drink at and what better way to experience drinking on a whole new level than having a Japanese Whiskey on hand! The kind of liquor itself may not have originated from the country but the groundbreaking popularity of locally distilled ones have made […]