Our Roots

“Boteru” is from the Filipino word “bote” and derived from the Spanish word “bottella” which all means “bottle”. Our Company started “Boteru” from a fancy and for sharing their love for whisky. With frequent travels to Japan, we started giving Japanese whisky to family and friends as a gift which then gained popularity amongst them. Because of its limited availability in the Philippines friends and family started to ask us to buy Japanese Whisky for them.

With a growing demand for Japanese whisky “Boteru” was born in 2016.

Our Line

As the first online whisky shop, we endeavour to set a standard for quality products. We take pride in personally sourcing, selecting and offering you the best, the finest and the rarest whisky’s from around the world. Our line of whisky constantly evolves as we continue to discover and provide variety just like how manufacturers innovated its taste and quality.


We understand that whisky is a worldwide phenomenon with subtle differences in flavour and aroma. The complexity of whisky is distinct from each territory, brand, blend and age.Each whisky has its own character with some of them becoming rare and vintage. Thus, we seek these differences for the enjoyment of our clients.

Low production and limited stocks of Japanese whiskies in liquor stores makes us a pioneer in providing and introducing to the local market a variety of brand and flavour of the Japanese distinct taste. With almost a century of producing whisky Japan has studied, applied and innovated whisky production based on how the Scottish did it for centuries.
The Japanese whisky has always been at par with the Scottish whisky, proving themselves in exhibitions and competitions which won them “Best in the World” for several years as hailed by the Whisky Bible.


Whisky connoisseurs have a nose for the best. They crave and search the world for it. With such enthusiasm we offer whisky lovers a sophisticated line of Japanese whisky for your discernment.

We also offer special packaging and delivery for your different needs.